Plane Spotting - What Photo Is Your Favourite?

Hey everyone!👋

Here are some photos that I photographed recently when I did some plane spotting and it was great fun!

What photo is your favourite?

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Virgin Atlantic A333 - G-VLUV

Wizzair A321 - HA-LXY

Singapore Airlines A359 - 9V-SMS

Brussels Airlines A320 - OO-SND

easyJet A320 - G-EZOX

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Amazing photos! Where were they taken?

I checked his instagram and I think it’s from some different airports ( in UK )

Lovely photos @MrJackT14

Thank you!!

Virgin Atlantic - Manchester Airport
Wizzair - Edinburgh Airport
Singapore Airlines - Manchester Airport
Brussels Airlines - Manchester Airport
easyJet - Manchester Airport

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Nice photos! I think I like that last EasyJet photo the most. It’s a little oversaturated (not sure if that’s the right term) and maybe a little soft (that’s probably just my tiny screen) but it still looks better than everything I’ve taken and the spray of water looks awesome!

Thank you!😃

Thank you! And, the photo itself hasn’t actually been edited much at all, I don’t really edit my photos, and when I do I don’t edit them much! If you tap on the photo you will notice the quality is better. However, like many other platforms the app decreases the quality a little😩 But I’m glad that you like the photo👋

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third is the best.

Ooohh, nice to see some Brussels Airlines recognition here. Love the shots! The Singapore and Virgin ones look amazing.

The Singapore Air A359