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Hi! I’m wondering if anyone has any good tips for taking video and pictures at the same time when plane spotting? Should I use my tripod and a remote trigger for pictures? Does anyone know? Also here is one of my pictures.


If you record in 4K (or higher quality higher than HD) it’s possible that you can take screenshots from the video. However this will make it less viable for editing.

ok, is there any other way to do it?

Unless you’ve got two cameras and ultimate multitasking powers then I don’t think so 😂


use the record video function on the phone and there is a button next to it to take photos while doing it

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@realnickchan he is not using a phone.

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I actually have a phone mount on my camera, that way you can record on the phone and shoot with the camera at the same time.


I use my cannon eost6 rebel and a sony hdrcx405 for video.

For some cool planes I have used a phone mount taped to the top of my camera to grab a video. Obviously with a phone the quality is so so from that range, but it certainly worked to capture the sound and a quick little video to send to a friend. If your camera has a hot shoe on top there are adapters that will let you put your phone, or perhaps another light small camera, up there in a more graceful way than tape. For me though it threw off the balance and made the whole thing a little unwieldy. I don’t really think it’s possible to capture high quality photos and video of the same aircraft. You would have to be tracking with two different cameras and adjusting settings, and zooming on two cameras. That said though there are plenty of cameras that do good video and photo. If you do your research and have some money to spend it would certainly be conceivable to get good at both and switch every other plane or something like that. They also both require some peripheral gear that differs. Plane spotting photos don’t usually need a tripod, but for video of a plane you will need a tripod that can pan smoothly. Some other equipment may also very but that’s the most important stuff.


thanks for the help!

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