Plane Spotting…The USS Midway?! + @KSAN

Hello everyone, if you know me, I’ve returned for the moment only to leave abruptly… if you don’t, forget what I said. Anyways!

Today apart of coming out to California I went to see the USS Midway and was able to get some pictures of the Military Planes there, me being the smart person I am, knows Nothing about Military Aviation, and being lazy to search online, you guys will have to figure it out yourself. Sorry not Sorry 😞

(I got 1 picture of KSAN, soooo 🤷🏼‍♂️)

Looks familiar, can’t put my finger on what it could be?

I’ve never seen this aircraft in my life but it looks cool

I think it was a WWII plane but idk I’m guessing at this point 😭😭

O- O- I know this one it’s a 🧐🤏👓 looks at photo RA-5 Vigilante!

This one is some kind of radar Aircraft, I wonder what it’s name is…

Couple of Fighter Jets hanging out I’m sure enjoy the Cali Life!

Here’s that plane from San Diego I was Talking about! 757-200 coming in from Tijuana Mexico 🇲🇽
See I know Passenger Aircraft but not much else…

Thanks for checking out my post hope you enjoyed and I might just see you around Cheers!


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