Plane Spotting (TBPB,BGI) 1-10/1/2018

Hey Everybody.

I took a 10 day vacation to Barbados with my family, and did a little spotting. For everybody who is looking for a great tropical paradise, Barbados is the answer.

Remeber all photos are mine. Ask before using.

Now the Photos

Virgin Atlantic a330-300


JetBlue a321-200 Sharklets

American Airlines 757-200

Westjet 737-700

Thomson/TUI 787-8

Hope you enjoyed these.

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Nice shots! Really liked the head-on Virgin Atlantic a330.

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Thank You! Iā€™m particularly attracted to the Thomson/TUI 787-8

Nice! Really like the first pic of the Jet Blue.

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Thank You! I love JetBlue as well. šŸ’™

Awesome pictures!! I love that WestJet 737!


Yeah! Love the B757 closeup .
Nice shoot btw :)

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Thanks! Iā€™m quite the 757 fan myself.

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Thats my boi right there! xD lol

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Nice shots, the JetBlue A321 taking off is my favorite.

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@anon57683537 You know it FAM! šŸ¤˜šŸ¤™

@Brad Thanks! Iā€™m surprised I got a nice spot.

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