Plane spotting places at Melbourne

Does anyone know the best place to plane spot at Melbourne. I usually go operations road but the best I can get is this


If the terminal has Windows that can be good. I’ve never left Europe so I can’t be too much of a help, but Google can always be your friend. Ask him.

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I normally go to the one with the ice cream truck …

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That’s a good spot but I love being able to see the side of the runway. I’m not tall enough to get a good shot over the fence.

Climb over the fence , you will be able to get up nice and close then 😜


Tom, the best place to spot at MEL is being in an actual plane. I spotted an A380, A330, 747, 767, 777 and a 787 from the Virgin Australia 737’s window last time I went there, which was about a year ago.


Your photo looks pretty good as it is.

This spot is pretty darn good. What you need is a longer lens. Maybe go a little closer to the centerline of the runway so you can get nice 3/4 head-on, 1/4 side shots.

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When ever I go I just use my iPad. Mum always has our good camera

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The ice cream truck north of the airport towards sunshine (first round about I think)

Went there a week ago 😳

I was their a week ago !

Maybe I’ve spotted you there …

I should make a knew topic saying :

Community members spotted in real life 😆

Lol yes do that

I’ll let yous know next time I’m in Melbourne

Ok I’ll shout u out a free ice cream

Nah you either choose get an ice cream or go to the good spot

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Ice cream with family to keep them quite and a good viewing spot for a peaceful and great view by myself

Lol. I missed seeing the a380 take off to get an ice cream… Then dad decided not to buy us an ice cream : (

Haha , I usually see the Emirates A380

Ive only seen I t once. Seen the Qantas one a few times