Plane spotting on IF

hey guys, I was wanting to know when you get on infinite flight, do you get on to just fly and work the atc Or does anyone actually load into a airport and just sit at the airport and watch everyone take off and land or do you only spot when waiting in line for takeoff? I haven’t myself sit and watched but I have thought about it. So tell me what you do! :)


I fly in the SoCal region alot, however the thought of just plane spotting sounds cool!

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Yes there at people who have even less life than IRL plane spotters.


I think it would be something to possibly give yourself a good laugh watching some people land cause I don’t know how many times I’ve messed a landing up and just think to myself “how many people are just laughing their butts off at me”

Someone please explain the point in “plane spotting”

I don’t understand why it’s so interesting. Do you go “car spotting” at an overpass and say “oh, there’s a Nissan Juke!”

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@CPKJ It’s just taking pics of planes. I have never done it but it’s a free country

I do that sometimes. I like spotting on the Training Server. Some great fun to watch :P


I asked why, not what.

Because it’s something fun to do and also is free. I like to take my niece out to watch planes land and take off, she loves seeing it. It’s just something to do to get outside and spend time with your family and have some fun.

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I’ve done this a couple times when I don’t feel like flying

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