Plane Spotting on Expert server

Can you get ghosted If you go inactive one covert like on the parking ? Just curious because I’m about to do a video and i wanna record the activity of like the airport planes taking off and landing and stuff and I’m probably gonna be at the airport recording for about an hour am I gonna get ghosted?


No, you won’t get ghosted for just sitting in a parking spot ☺


IFATC controllers see planes sit on the ground for a long time on a regular basis. I don’t know any of us that minds or that will guard you, etc. I certainly don’t. Have fun spotting!


No, just sit back, relax and watch the show.

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Oh haha Lol thank you for your guys replies appreciate it ! I need it for a time lapse video yeah recorde doge about an hour and got my clips just wanted to make sure

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Your question is solved?

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Hopefully you won’t be ghosted although I did have one situation where I was in a parking spot doing pre-pushback checks and the ground controller (this was on Expert btw) on-guarded me like 3 times and I’m just screaming in my head:

Dude, I doing pre-flight checks - I will contact you when I am ready!


For me it would be fine and I had it a couple of times already. Maybe take a spot where you don’t block any operations and things will be fine.

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Ok might come and join you! Btw I was in a parking spot and in no-ones way

I think as long as you are not disrupting traffic flow or spamming the frequency p, you should be okay. I’ve done planespotting a number of times in the Expert Server without any issues. Enjoy 😉

If that happens again PM the controller. Unless you are too big for the gate you are in and blocking a taxiway, etc or other wise creating an issue this shouldn’t happen.

As mentioned, you’re welcome to hang around at a gate (pick a relatively small aircraft) and use the freecam to make some nice shots. You can even tune in to Tower frequency if this helps; as long as you don’t move. Just in case, note down the name of the controller in case he gets too confused.

Make sure you set you graphics to high for best shot, but I guess you know that already.

Have fun - looking forward to seeing some nice shots.

I checked the threads for best IF photos, but I could only find closed threads. Anyone?

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Yeah, exactly what Anton says. You’re welcome at my session, but take some nice shots ;)

LOL OH MY GOD CRHIS dude youwnere thh atc when I did the Time Lapse at WSSS yesterday I was that garuda Indonesia 737 sitting I think near 06Center I forgot the runway but yea I was imr the terminal just sitting there for about an hour 😂😂

Some people like to set their callsign to SPOTTING to be on the safe side, but even if you don’t you should be fine.


Hopefully I didn’t guard you! :)

Would love to see the time-lapse if it is something you can share. I have my screen recording of the session and I can scrub through that at high speed (which is cool) but love to see yours if you are able / willing.


I’m actually making a video for it that’s gonna take about a week since I’m tryna make it super movie like and cinematic and it’s only 5 minutes but I’m gonna put so much work into it yea hold on let me show u the time lapse I was only there for about an 1 hour

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Cool idea! That was a good session to do a time-lapse of! Pretty busy traffic wise.

@DenverChris December 7, 2018 - YouTube That’s just like 8 seconds out of 5 minutes cuz not done yet if I would like to see video when done which is probably gonna be sometime this weekend pm me!

Wow that’s an amazing start! Can’t wait to see it when you are done! Super cooo that was able to be there controlling for it,