Plane Spotting @O69

everyone’s favorite airport that no one knows exists lol

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, so I had to use my iPhone XR. Enjoy the shots, it was a very busy day with General Aviation aircraft taking off left and right on runway 11.

Don’t know what this is, might be some sort of bonanza maybe…

Cessna 172 Taxiing

Little bush plane :D

This looks like a PC-12, but I’m not sure

And finishing it off with another Genera Aviation aircraft I don’t know the name of.
Thanks for viewing :D

That’s 3 different airports I have spotted at in the past week lmao


M500 or a Mirage, Piper is bae 🫶🏽

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Thanks, I think you’re right :D

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It’s a TBM-700 actually lol


oh. didnt know thats a thing

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Yeah, they’re quite alike. TBM has many variants: (960, 940, 930, 910, 900, 850, 700, and like, different version of each one.)


No its a TBM

@Kamryn pointed that out already 🙃

I didn’t know that existed either lol

Now now…where is the United airlines, taxi service thingy

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