Plane spotting Mode

So, I know this kind of already exists with the ATC cam, but if you use that you will still count as an airplane on that airport, wich will confuse ATC, I ounce had an ATC ask me to say Intentions while I was spotting on parking. I couldn’t respond to him because I just didn’t have any intentions, an easy fix to this would maybe have a plane spotting mode where you don’t spawn in as a plane or atc, but you spawn in on the tower cam, or if you really want to make this bigger you could choose to view a camera near a runway or something, I don’t know just a cool idea. Or just make a plane spotting callsign that way ATC will not be confused. This is not like super urgent but I think it would be a nice feature just to clear up confusion between spotters and ATC.

But ATC shouldn’t ask you for intentions while at the gate anyway.


As @Kyle.Plane, ATC should never ask for your intentions at the gate. We understand if you are planning, spotting, etc. That’s if you are on the expert server. If you were on training, ignore the ATC and spot your heart out.

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ATC shouldn’t be bothering you until you request pushback. You can sit at the gate all day if you want to and ATC shouldn’t bother you (although I wouldn’t recommend that). If this was on TS1, then it’s just another controller who’s hopefully learning, or just doesn’t have a clue.

well an atc did do that, he probably wasn’t a really good ATC then… Still one idea would still be cool wich would be a rwy cam, idk think that would be quite nifty for spotting

I know you also used to be able to “observe” at an airport with active ATC, but that functionality seems to have disappeared…

@HurricaneTracker500, Not a bad idea. Typically, what you’re describing only happens on the training server though. However, in general it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have “observer mode”. It would free up gate space and space on the ground controller‘s screen.

Isn’t needed if you just spawn in on a gate/ramp and want to spot some planes, ATC will never make an issue or ask your intentions.

Happy spotting! (:


This is definitely true for Expert server, but it may be useful for training or casual.

So as I understand it what you’re requsting is that you spawn in some sort of spectator mode, isn’t it? So you would basically fly around just as camera without being recognized by ATC and other players.

I don’t that’s necessary. You could just spawn your plane at a remote spot and spectate from there. As other members mentioned, ATC shouldn‘t contact you while you’re at the gate.

I prefer The spectator mode as it’s proposed in this topic:

Go to free cam go to the end of the runway, double tap the airplane. Boom.

What are your thoughts as to the benefit of this in extremely busy event airports, when most gates are full?

Also, I think the biggest use of this would be on the training server, where as you say, “ATC shouldn’t contact you while you’re at the gate,” unfortunately, it happens a lot on the training server.

I’m not sure how difficult the observer mode would be to integrate into the game, as it’s already there in a certain sense. Whenever you log into an atc frequency at the same time as someone else, you’ll have (obs.) just below the frequency number. With this status, you are free to just watch the show ;)

The next time ATC asks ur intentions, simply say “standby”

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Futhrrmore. I agree with the idea. Actually I thought maybe a passenger mode or spectator mode would be cool.

I agree, They should add somthing to help with that. So if people just want to plane spott they can.