Plane Spotting @ Missoula, Montana (KMSO)

Hello guys,
Yesterday my family drove to Missoula, the second largest city in Montana. We had some extra time, so we decided to go Plane spotting at the local airport. We found a great place right be the runway to spot, so close you could feel and hear the wake turbulence after the plane past.
KMSO gets much of its business from tourists, so they see 737s and A320s in the summer, and regional aircraft when it’s not tourist season. Since we came in late fall, the airport wasn’t very active, but I still saw lots of great aircraft. Here are the pictures, enjoy!

Delta Connection CRJ-200, KSLC – KMSO
This CRJ coming in from Salt Lake City was the first aircraft I saw. The Delta CRJ-200 can be spotted at every commercial airport in Montana in any season. Never the less, It is a beautiful aircraft with a great livery:

Delta Connection CRJ-900, KMSP – KMSO
Missoula is the only Montana airport that regularly sees the CRJ-900. Delta flies it on the afternoon route to Minneapolis and occasionally to Salt Lake.



At the gate:


Cessna 172, KMSO – KMSO
This locally owned 172 was doing touch & goes for about 2 hours during my visit:

United Express CRJ-700, KDEN - KMSO
Another common sight for Montana. United uses these in the winter months and then upgrades to A319s in the summer.



At the gate:

Retired P2V Air Tanker
Missoula is the regional hub for smoke jumping and aerial firefighting. They used to use these P2Vs but recently upgraded to Avro RJXs. This P2V was on display in front of the airport:

Here is a video I made showing the full landings:

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!


Nice pics! They look like they were taken with a GoPro tbh. I was gonna say you should go spotting at Billings, but after a quick google maps check it’s a 5+ hour drive.


Thanks! You are correct, I did use a GoPro.

Billings is more like a 3 hour drive from my place, but I don’t plan on going there any time soon. One of the best places to go spotting in Montana is Bozeman Yellowstone Airport. It’s the largest in Montana and gets a lot of variety.


Nice! I hope to fly there in IF once the CRJ is out, probably in a long time. I heard it is quite beautiful.


Nice pictures, they have great quality!

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@HFP @nicochile2, Thank you!


Went there twice this summer drove once flew from KDEN the other. Seems like a nice little town.


Great pictures! Have you seen the A319 from Minneapolis to Missoula?

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Yea We need some more Rocky Mountain area Spotting! Now I just need to get out To KIDA and get some spotting pics haha

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@Brandon_Sandstrom Cool! What aircraft did you fly in on?

@DeltaCRJ-900 Yes, I’ve seen it several times. The localizer to the main runway is right over the city, so you can see all the commercial traffic if you’re in town.

@Rowdy_Kepler Definitely do that, it would be awesome to see more Rocky Mountain spotting:-)


I believe it was the CRJ200 I don’t remember though I went to work the ride back I had been up for like 30+ hours lol.

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