Plane spotting @MBJ

Southwest 737-800 Going to Fort Lauderdale

Moonshot of TUI 787-9 coming in from Manchester

Same TUI 787-9 Landing

Air Canada Rouge A321 Going to Montreal

Another TUI 787-9 coming from London Gatwick

American Boeing 737 MAX Going to Miami

Swoop 737-800 going to Toronto

Air Canada A330 (New livery going to Toronto after being stranded for 2 days

another Air Canada A300 (old livery) also going to Toronto after a little bit of a delay

Thanks for looking!


Nice shots, love the 787!


Thanks Man!

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Awesome shots

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Thank you.

Lovely shots! The lighting on that American MAX shot is actually pretty cool.


Thank you, and I agree!

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Nice to see that still going with the current state of the airline. Nice pics!

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@here what’s your favorite picture?

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Are you another jamaican IF player or your just visiting ?

I was just visiting, but I visit often ngl.

Because i have family there.

I love Air Canada & Im from toronto


Dead topic btw vote @here

Beauty Aircraft 🤩❤

You live there?

Might very soon.

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Might go to MBJ next weekend with my new camera, so keep your eyes peeled for a another spotting topic next week

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