Plane Spotting Manchester 1/4/23

Hi all,

It’s the first day of the month which means new camera day! The Nikon D7100 is absolutely incredible and paired with the 70-300mm lens it produces some quality images!


Cool to see so many of Jet2’s 757s not fitted with winglets. Great pics!

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Amazing photos! I spotted the Saudia 787 with the Imagine livery in WSSS a few months ago.

Wow, they are beautiful! MAN is a great airport, so many different routes out of there :)

Most of their fleet of 757s are 30+ years old now

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Manchester is the greatest airport in England full stop. Best place for spotting


They are due to be replaced by a321 neos in The next two years sad 757 noises


Are these two the same picture?

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Yes they are the same picture

The TUI 767 is absolutely stunning! I didn’t know they still used 767s, to be honest.

They use them only for summer schedules

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They used to have 757s but they retired them a couple years ago

wow!i like the 737max from TUI

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