Plane Spotting - Look At These!

Hey Everyone!👋

I recently bought a camera for plane spotting and so I did some plane spotting!

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Emirates A380

easyJet’s racing!

Vueling A20N

Finnair E190

Qatar B77W

Let me know which photo is your favourite!


This one is crispy!


Amazing pictures I really love the Qatar 777 special Livery

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Thank you! Appreciate it👋

I totally agree, I loved the 2 NEO and A380 shots !

That neo is 🔥

Thank you!

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Thank you! There’s quite a lot of the easyJet aircraft but I obviously won’t upload them all😂

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Cheers! Lots more photos of those!

You’re welcome

what airport?

All these photos were taken at Manchester Airport, United Kingdom!👋


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