Plane Spotting (KTRK)

  1. Background to the photos: Just went down to KTRK for a bit of plane spotting

  2. Detailed Flight Information: 10am PST July 9th, sorry for bad photos it is very hard with an iPhone

please move this if it is in the incorrect catagory.


Awesome shots! We need more private jets in IF

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We wouldn’t able to since the you’re TL1 and need to be TL2. All you need to do is do some nice contributions to the forum with some and you’ll be there in no time! Hope to see some more topics once you’re there, cause these shots are great!


You must be TL2 (Member) to post in that category. Stay active, like, post - you’ll get there in no time.

@Tsumia, there isn’t an approval process for #real-world-aviation:spotting, last time I checked. Just #real-world-aviation.

Nice photos though!


yeah I agree we need a nice private jet or a rework Citation X. ok hopefully they will move it!


oh welp Hopefully I get TL2 soon

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Whoops. I never post there so I don’t know :P

All corrected now :^)

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thanks! However I would not say they are great, because im using an iPhone 8 trying my best.

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Just wait a teensy weensy bit longer and you’ll be able to post these in #real-world-aviation:spotting. Just need you to be TL2 first.

Nice photos though. Truckee is a great airport. Love it!