Plane spotting @KTPA 1/21/19

Hello again!
Today as a part of my flight back to Denver from Tampa, I had some time in the terminal to do some spotting! Here are some of the photos I took. Unfortunately this time I wasn’t able to catch the tail numbers or the destination of most of the aircraft. I apologize for that. Anyways, here are the photos:

United Airlines Boeing 737-824 departing 1R

Spirit Airlines A320-200 taxiing after landing on 1L

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 departing 1R

United Airlines Boeing 737-924 departing 1R

Two separate UPS 757-200s awaiting their cargo

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 taxiing to terminal C

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 (N266WN) close up shots

Which photo is your favorite?

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  • Photo 2
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  • Photo 4
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  • Photo 9

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Thank you for viewing my photos. Follow me on Instagram if you haven’t already. I hope you have a nice rest of your day!


I love the variety of liveries.

Photo #1: United 738 to KSFO
Photo #2: Spirit a320 from KCLE
Photo #3: Southwest 737-700 to KROC
Photo #4: United (738) to KIAD (n73270)
Photo #5: UPS N449UP last arrived from KPBI
Photo #6: Unknown
Photo #7: Southwest 737 N482WN from KBNA
Photo #8: Southwest 737-700 to KBHM
Photo #9: N266WN’s beautiful scimitars ☺️


Thank you for showing my home airport! It’s nice to see someone posting a topic about TPA. Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Bay Area!

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On photo 2 is that a British Airways 737 I see? Anyways great photos!

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Yes it is, I don’t know why it’s in Tampa but it was still cool to see!

Nice pictures, I was just at Tampa a couple weeks ago

They store aircraft in the Pemco hanger, I believe they do maintenance there. I know frontier uses them too

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