Plane Spotting KSEA-KDFW-KPHX-San Jose

Here are my best recent spotting photos from Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas and San Jose:

Alaskan 737-900 at KSEA

There is definitely more to love!

My first A220 spotting!

Air Canada E175


American 737-800

Air Canada Rouge 767-300

Air Panama Fokker 50

Delta 767 BCRF
(By the way, I had to fly near a big storm so that was fun!)

Thank You!

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What do you think?

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Those are amazing pictures!

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Thank You!

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You improve every single time. Keep it up!

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Great pictures!

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Geezus… all of these are so good. Was really hard to pick a fav out of first 2 and last.

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Thank You so much, everyone!

Which ones are from San Jose? ;)

I know it can’t be the last 4 as Air Canada Rouge does not fly here and the only 767s are now for FedEx or UPS while Air Panama does not fly here, probably not the A220 as that starts in June from Seattle to San Jose, and Air Canada doesn’t fly the E175 here. I am unsure of whether or not the American Eagle E145 flies here but I am pretty sure it doesn’t.

Great pictures though, I love the last one and the American 738 one

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San Jose in Costa Rica :)

Thank You Though!

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How’d you catch that lightning? Wow. On a side note I would say to lighten up the pictures. Some of them are pretty dark.

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There is a function on my camera when you can take 20 shots per second :)

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Saw the Delta BCRF land at PHX yesterday. Great photos!


Thanks! Was it the same registration?

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I think so.

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Great catch on the Delta livery. There’s only one 764 in that livery 👍

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