Plane Spotting @KRDU

There’s nothing like that first time you get to take your brand new camera on down to the airport to do some good ole’ plane spotting.

On Tuesday, I was able to do this exact thing. I was finally able to take my camera out to my home airport and do some plane spotting. For my first time, the pictures didn’t turn out too bad, with thanks to @Delta, who helped me get some last minute settings right as the sun was insanely bright. With the Sun bright as can be, the wind gusting up to 19knots, and it being freezing cold, it was a fun experience to say the least.

Anyway, here is some shots from my first spotting adventure.

Starting off the pictures with this Frontier landing in from Miami International. I’ve always loved seeing the animals on the Frontier aircraft!

Coming in number two is this TBM-830 owned by the University of North Carolina, repping the UNC logo. No need to go into details on who’s number one in the NC schools, but since you asked, not UNC. But since you asked, I honestly have no idea.

Next up, my favorite airline, AA. See this Embraer 175LR, coming in from New York’s JFK, going around after getting a wind shear alert. I can’t wait to (hopefully) fly this beauty in Infinite Flight soon!

Let’s continue the Embraer trend with another E175LR. This time in the new United Livery rolling down the runway to Houston! This livery is a beauty! Again, hopefully have this in Infinite Flight soon! But we aren’t speculating, so let’s move on.

Dual plane shot! There’s United E175 blasting off to Houston while an American A320 taking to runway 23R getting ready to head out to Charlotte!

Another American Airlines airbus, this time the largest of the three in the A320 family. This A321 getting blown around while landing in from Charlotte.

I love AA, but I’ll spare you from any more, right after this little RJ who’s throwing out the reversers after landing from Philadelphia. Okay, done with the AA.

Looky, looky, what do we have here? A Delta Airlines A220-100 slowing down from Boston. Super Glad I could catch this beauty!

Haha! I lied! I couldn’t give you two Delta back to back! Here’s a picture of N422YX at the gate preparing to head out to Chicago in a couple hours. Yes, that tree is annoying, but I couldn’t resist sticking this one in here. I actually took this while riding in a moving car, no I wasn’t driving, so I actually surprised the camera focused. Anyway, I know you what to see another Delta shot. Fine. Here ya you.

And for the finale, the largest commercial aircraft we currently get(until LHR and CDG start back up), the B757-200. I could hear that roar the second he got lined up on the runway letting us know he was blasting off with his rocket engines! Off to Atlanta, the 757 rotating out of RDU.

Well, you’ve reached the end of this spotting topic. Thanks for reading and taking a peek at my first round of my aviation photography journey. Quick shoutout to @AndrewWu who helped me back when I first got my camera a couple months ago. Also, if anyones got editing techniques or advice, definitely let me know.




Camera: Canon SL1
Lens: Tamron 70-300





Nice photos, my favourite is the B757 one.
Spring hasn’t arrived yet?


That my home airport! I live right under a departure SID and arrival STAR


I’m honestly not sure 😂 all I can say is that it was cold and windy. Thanks for checking them out!

That’s awesome! Thanks for viewing!

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Nice shots! Seems like they’ve opened the spotting park up. I visited this January and it was closed at the time so I had to walk to the top of the parking garage which was like a skating rink at the time lol

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Thank you! Means a lot!

Yes, they opened it a few months ago, but it looks as if a new building is going to go right in front of it. 😢

Hopefully they move the deck to the other side of the runway or somewhere with a decent view.

Hoping to spot from the parking deck soon, as it looks like you can get some good shots of the terminal and departing/arriving aircraft. I would have if I would have know I was going to get to go spotting, but it was kinda a last minute thing.

Thanks for viewing!


Love the shots

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Thanks dude!

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Home Airport. We’re a majority of your shots at the parking garage? These are really great!


I took all but one from the observation deck! 😊

Glad you like them!

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Love the TBM plane one of my favorite turbo prop


Beautiful spotting


Yeah! Me too! Love to fly it in IF! Thanks for checking out my photos!

Thank you!


You’re welcome

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