Plane Spotting @KLIT (8/10/2018)

Hello Community:

Today I went plane spotting at Bill and Hillary National Airport, Adams Field with my brother and airline pilot friend who was on an extended layover. We spotted on a gravel parking lot right next to 4R/22L.

Southwest Boeing 737-800 landing 22L from PHX. This plane had a serviceman remains on it and eventually left from St.Louis-Lambert Field.


Another Southwest Boeing 737-700 coming in from Dallas Love Field. This airplane would go back to Dallas later.


Delta MD-88 taxiing and departing runway 22L bound for Atlanta-Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

IMG_1087 IMG_1088
Far away pictures but here is an Envoy Airlines ERJ-140/145 departing runway 22L bound for Chicago-O’hare International Airport.

An Envoy Airlines ERJ-175 taxiing out for departure on 22L bound back to Dallas Fort-Worth International Airport.

Note:Sorry for the crappy quality. These are Iphone 7 pictures.


Great photos! I could tell that mini hill was treating you nice 😂

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The runway is elevated. The ground is Lower than the runway

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Were you by chance there at the same place as our buddy @N1DG? That looks very similar. Nothing wrong, just curious, LIT plane spotting 8/10/18

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Oh, he is already here… whoops… 😬


Same spot. Actually we’re standing right next to each other. Different people but similar pictures. Nothing wrong with that

Sometimes you crack me up. Got to love @KPIT.

I know, hence…

I could see they were slightly different pictures, I was just commenting on how it was interesting you were there at the same time… 😊

Yeah. But I love to Southwest Photos. How close do you think you were to the taxiway?

Or maybe we’re related😳🤔

Who knows. Maybe 500-1000 feet.

Couple hundred years

What’s so funny?? 😂

Did I miss something?

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Nice. Wish you could get that close to them at BWI. Lucky😂

I miss read you comment. 🤦‍♂️

But still, got to love @KPIT!

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I’ll take what I can get!

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Wait are you? Your call sighs are very similar, now I am worried I missed something…

Not you the airport KPIT😂


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I suppose I will take the airport for something…

If we’re at the same place at the same time with similar pictures and callsigns🤔 I think we might be related