Plane spotting @ KLAX

Hello IF community! Welcome to another post. On todays post will be about me plane-spotting at LAX during my layover.

Background context: It was very early in the morning I had just landed into Los Angeles from Oakland, and I had 5 hour layover, so what better way to spend that time at one of few airports with lots of airline variety.

To begin off this plane-spotting we start with Alaska A321neo parked at a remote stand it seems like, sadly these were retired not too long ago.

Next up was this beautiful Air Canada A333 registered as C-GFAF

I decided to go to TBIT and as I was walking there I saw this beauty American 787-8 shortly boarding bound for Philadelphia.

Eva Air 77W parked at the TBIT after a flight from Taipei, Taiwan.

Here I got a chance to finally see the King of the Skies, let me tell you, this thing is MASSIVE up close.

Next up we got this Latam 77W painted in (Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Livery) and this livery was gorgeous. (PT-MUA) came from São Paulo, Brazil.

El Al 787-9 parked at the other side of TBIT after a 14 hour flight from Tel Aviv, Israel.

One of Spirit’s newest planes A321neo pulling into the gate after a 3 hour flight from Dallas.

What better way to end it off with an another Air Canada A333 but this time pained in a stunning Star Alliance livery.

Thank you guys so much for taking your time and viewing this topic. Hope it was an enjoyable topic.
Have a great day/night!


I’m biased… But omg those butters machines 😍😍🔥🔥


Really a highlight to my day when I saw those.

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ive always wanted to see one

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You might in the future, who knows

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my airport is smallish, so idk

we just got 787 service

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Oh yeah RDU

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