Plane spotting @KJFK (July)

In July I Had the chance to spot arrivals at runway 22L at JFK Airport. Sorry for the poor quality as I am screenshotting videos.


Amazing Shots

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Nice pics!!!

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In addition I also saw a BA 757 something Skies livery and a Korean Air A380 and while driving an Emirates A380. I wasn’t able to get pics. I also saw an ANA 777. Also, 2 JetBlue E190s. I don’t have those pics

Thanks!!! It was fun

I also saw many Delta 777’s, 767’s, and 757’s, and a Delta 717

Nice shots! :)

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It’s another airline, called “Open Skies”, owned by BA.

I also happened to see one of their 757’s at Terminal 7 ;)

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I always love setting a filter for JFK airport on FR24, and watching the endless line of planes as they make their way across the atlantic.


Hey, nice pics

Where did you take them. I live right in between KLGA and KJFK and am in the landing pattern for runway 04 at KLGA. But i really need to go see some big planes! If you could tell me where, that would be awesome.

Cheers M8!

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Here you go

The website has locations for many US airports

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