Plane spotting @ KEGE 03/16/19

Hello everyone!

I know it has been a while since everyone has heard from me. I had to take a couple months off to deal with family and personal stuff. I would like to officially say that I am back on the community. While I was out, I was able to take some time on the 16th of March to do some plane spotting at Eagle County Regional Airport (KEGE). Since winter is the peak season for the airport, I am only displaying my best commercial airline shots for this part. I will later create a part 2 featuring private aircraft photos from that day. Anyways, here are the photos!
*Please note: I apologize that some of the photos are blurry on the sides.

American Airlines A319 (N9026C) from Chicago, IL

American Airlines Boeing 757 from Miami, FL

United Airlines CRJ 700 from Denver, CO

United CRJ and Delta 757

Delta Airlines Boeing 757 from Atlanta, GA

American Airlines Boeing 757 to Miami, FL

American Airlines A319 to Chicago, IL

United Airlines CRJ 700 to Denver, CO

United Airlines Boeing 757 to Newark, NJ

Which photo is your favorite?

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Thank you for viewing my photos!
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Hey Watts! Great the hear that your still taking good pics and that you are back! Great shots as always!

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Great pictures man!
Cool to see some spotting pictures from Vail which is bout and 2hours from my house!

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don’t we all love our dear ole ✏️

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I had no idea anyone operated 757s to Eagle. Great photos btw!

-Moosehead :)

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CRJ there like excuse me sir have you heard about our lord and savior B757?


It is truly amazing to see an aircraft that large land at a airport that small

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