Plane Spotting @KDFW

Camera details

Camera: Canon T100 EOS
Lense: 50-250

I went plane spotting recently and got the Qatar 777 and the Emirates 777 on camera. Hope you like it!

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What camera and what settings did you use?

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Lemme put that

Done take a look

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@TheAviation_YT im flying tomorrow and i’m connecting through DFW. I have a long layover, do you know if there are any good spotting spots in the airport?


I would definitely check out spotterguide. You can sometimes plant spot at different skytrain stops.


Looks awesome!

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Yes definitely go to Founders Plaza best place on the airport. Great for 18R arrivals!


Thank you!

Look what is coming your way

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I want to get that so bad sadly I’m not in Dallas at the moment

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I would go there if you have enough time to leave the airport, walk or take Uber or bus and then have time to spot for a couple hours and then go back to the terminal and go through security. The skytrain stops are in side the terminal. It’s not the greatest because of the glass, but I think it’ll work if your only going for a little bit. Idk though not a DFW native



The skylink tram gives you great views of the ramps


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