Plane spotting @ KCLT 9-13-20

So as you guys all know (from my username) I plane spot at KCLT. Now take into mind I did NOT shoot these pictures with a camera. I used my iPhone 7 Plus, and none of these photos are edited. I am the owner of these photos.


Great photos of the E concourse there! Where did you take those?


From the parking deck

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What is this airport? It’s a beautiful airport.

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Charlotte Douglas Airport (KCLT/CLT).

2 was a nice picture

Nice. I wish STL had that many planes

i cant get the poll to work :(

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got it now :)

Should I make a part 2 with better pictures

And beautiful pictures btw all of them were great but 2 was the best

happy anniversary @IF.LC and I remember when the Raiders came on Hawaiian

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What do u mean ???

Well those photos look nice

Stunning photos!

it is your anniversary of joining the IF community according to the cake by your username

Oo that’s what it means I didn’t know but now I do thx bro


What do you mean?

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