Plane Spotting @KBWI 9-15-18 A Rare Catch!

Hello IFC!
So yesterday, I had the chance to go spotting at my local Baltimore/Washington Airport. Instead of visiting the same spots that I usually go to, I decided to try something new. The spot I chose was in an abandoned parking lot (with some construction vehicles), but there was one problem. Large fences obstructing my view. So, my solution was to climb on top of a 10-foot crate. Problem solved. Anyways, Let’s move on to the good stuff, the photos.

First off is a Spirit A320neo slowing down on runway 10.

Southwest 737-700 blasting out of 15R, with another Southwest 737 MAX 8 in the background.

Now here was a super-rare catch, a United Arab Emirates government 747-400. I nearly peed my pants when this beast rolled around the taxiway to take off.

Two more photos of the 747-400.

A pan shot of a SW 737-800 lifting off.

Here was the second rare sight, the Alaska “Honoring Those Who Serve” livery. It was departing for Seattle.

Second shot of the Alaska 739.

A nice pan shot of a Canyon Blue B738.

A flying banana I mean a Spirit A320, departing for Las Vegas.

Finally, here is the last photo, a former World Airways DC-10. If anyone is wondering what happened to it, I looked up the registration and found a story. Apparently, back in 2009, this DC-10 was operating under contract for the U.S. government, flying personnel from Leipzig, Germany. There were 168 passengers on board plus crew. Upon landing, the pilot pulled a “Ryanair” landing, but to an extreme. The nose gear was severely damaged, because the airplane bounced, but than landed on the nose gear instead of the main gear. The first officer was severely injured, along with 11 passengers in the back. Read the full story here. So, now it sits, abandoned, stripped of all valuable parts on a gravel ramp. I never knew why until I looked it up, but you learn something new every day!

I hope that you guys really enjoyed this thread! The 744 was an awesome catch, along with that Alaska 739.
Until next time!

You may not use any of my photos without my permission


Wow that 747 is pretty rare!


I can agree that Spirit’s planes do look like flying bananas ha ha


OMG Amazing photos! I saw the 744 on FR24 and I was like “if you are spotting today at BWI, have fun!” Crazy good photos! I always love BWI (it’s my home airport as well) as it is spotter-friendly. Where did you take these?


Nice Photos! Lucky to see a 744 in some places these days.


Really like the SWA pan!

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There is a crate there, but google maps does not show it.

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I saw that 747 several time at DXB several times view that I live in Dubai :)

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These pictures are amazing. Well done! Also, well done for the amazing 747 catch!

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That DC10 history gives me chills. Real life is great but something about finding the history on an old plane and reviewing its former glory life makes me happy. Thanks for the little news on that World Airways :)


You found my secret spotting place


Sounds like you had quite the time! Nice pics as well. 😉

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What camera do you use? These pictures are great!

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Just don’t tell @Grizpac about our secret location 😜


I live in UAE and still haven’t seen the UAE Government 744! Great photos! Do you have Instagram?


You can’t fool me…I know EXACTLY where these were taken from.

Great photos. And kudos for not peeing your pants…


Yesterday I used my Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a Canon 75-300mm lens.

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Many times in the past I have driven by that entrance, on my way to the spotting park, and I thought “Man, that would be a great place to take pics from.” But I never really thought I was allowed in there (the 50 police cars parked in the lot are a bit deterring). Yesterday, I just decided to try it once, but I must admit I was a bit worried that a cop car might pull up and that would be the last time I spot there. But, nothing came of it, and I for sure will be going there next time!

No, I do not have an IG for spotting. I have a Flightaware photo profile though here.

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I have never heard them do this. That’s a first!


Seriously though…great photos…good shot of the Alaska 737-900, I especially like the photo of the private 747 taking off ← im just in love with that

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