Plane Spotting @KBUR 12/9/18

Hello Everyone!
Yesterday, I flew home from Burbank, California after a quick weekend trip. Since I knew I had some time in the terminal before my flight, I decided to bring my 15X Telephoto Lens for my I-phone! It’s amazig how much better the photos are than the default I-phone lens. Anyway, here are some of the photos I took!

Southwest Airlines 737-700 landing on runway 8.

Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue Livery landing on runway 8.

Southwest 737-700 departing runway 15.

Delta Airlines Embraer 175 landing runway 8 and taxi. (My flight)

Southwest 737-700 Canyon Blue Livery departing runway 15.

Alaska Boeing 737-800 departing runway 15.
Lastly, my spotting fail of the day:
American Airlines CRJ-900 landing runway 8 while a man drives right in front of me when I take the photo! 😆😡 lol.

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Looks fantastic! I really like the close up of the Delta Conection!

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Do you know the reg of the Southwest 737-700 with splits?

Great photos by the way!

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Unfortunately, I don’t know.

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