Plane Spotting in the Rain...LIT style 8/15/18

Hello IFC, today I decided again to go spotting at KLIT and see if I can catch any interesting liveries. Below are the 10 best pictures I took. The airplanes range from CRJ-200s to C-130s


That C-130 is great!!! Smoking a lot though, nice pics!

Now that’s cool! Great pics.

Those are some great pictures!

(And good job on the California One, always annoys me when people get it just barely in off with the leg…) 👍🏼

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Thanks! We actually had 2 of them in the pattern

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Thanks a lot. Greatly appreciate

Thanks! Hit the camera buttton right in time as it came into frame

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Oh wow!! That’s cool!

So cool, great pictures, espicially Cali plane. I’m from Little Rock and I’ve never seen it here.


Really! That’s interesting. There’s a few of us from the area on here. Have to go plane spot sometimes

Cool photos!

Just wondering, what camera do you use?


Where exactly do you go as far as location when plane spotting at LIT, and do you think it is a safe area?

I use my IPhone 7S as my camera

I found this great area, right next to 22L it’s an open gravel lot right next To the runway

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