Plane Spotting in Seoul Incheon

Hello IFC ! I went Seoul Incheon Int’l Airport For Spotting Yesterday!

It was Nice Place For Spotting at 33R Landing!

Ready For Spotting!

Polar Cargo

American Airlines Boeing 787-8

Kalitta Air Mask 😷 Livery

THE SUN was Very very Hot That Day, So my Arms got Burned 🔥

Antonov AN-124

European Cargo 340-600

And My Favorite Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER


No passengers At Terminal 2 Due to COVID-19…
I Was So Sad When I saw That…

Thanks For Watching this!!


Beautiful Pictures even though T2 has low pax numbers we have Seoul in IF

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Yea So Sad because of Low Pax

Nice pics u got there!

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Nice pictures… It would be great if you could get them off your camera and upload them onto the forum in full quality 😬

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Yea 🤣🤣

Thanks For Advice 😄

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Seeing these pictures makes me want to go on a trip :)
Great shots!

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Nice pictures! I want to go and visit there one day

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인천국재공항 너무너무 좋아해요.

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Amazing photos!

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Fantastic photos! I love the antanov and the b777 koren air!

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