Plane-spotting in San Francisco!

Welcome to my first plane-spotting post!

you wanna see this?

(Yes this is a skit)

Equipment: iPhone 13 Pro Max

San Francisco is an airport located in California in US and is currently getting reworked in IF by @lucaviness who is an airport editor. His progress in SFO is now extremely great! V1 is already out so you can check it out (even if you are not an airport already) and its nice :)

Ok lets start

Here we have a delta CRJ landing from Los Angeles.

Frontier A321 literally BLASTING off in full rocket status to Denver

Is there an airshow going on?wtf

Don’t mind me, just getting distracted by some umm… very nicely done F18 manoeuvers🥵

The beautiful A380 landing from Dubai :D And the best part is, this plane is getting reworked in the future this year :))

The Queen of The Skies from Seoul

717 contemplates life.*

Cirrus SR 22 doing touch-and-goes around SFO.


I have a feeling someone is gonna tell me I have too much pics in one post


Of course not! You have beautiful pictures, I also make spotting topics like these every day with 7-10 pictures, so don’t worry about it just make sure you fit in the max 10 pictures.

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Oh so its ten pics for the limit! Oh ok thanks man lol

I do these things almost every day so don’t hesitate to shoot me a pm for help :)

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Thank you dude :D

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This is a great idea for non-pro users. If I am correct, you and I are both non-pro users. Thanks for the idea, and nice pics!

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Ah-ha you found me! Yes I don’t have pro currently. So uh why not do some posts like these? Lol

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I’m about to renew my pro so I can do this with bigger aircraft

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Sure! Glad to hear that. I am on a budget tho so can’t do that yet :/

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Same. My classmate got me a job so I got that going.


You: …so I got that going for me.
Me: Which is nice.

I too am on a budget rn. I eat like a king who’s on a budget. I am a king who’s on a budget.

What am I saying? I have no idea. Anyway, glad to hear that I am not the only one who’s broke here!

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Ok bro glad to hear that 😂

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I mean I got my mom to pay for my Infinite Flight PRO Subscription so y’all aren’t the only broke guys here 💀


The only times I ever get PRO sub is when I have Visa Gift cards. I still have one with $15 on it but I am saving it for my birthday so I can host some events for it


💀lmao better than me

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