Plane spotting in IF

A lot of times when I only have 5-10 minutes (not enough to do a flight) I like to hop on infinite flight and plane spot at a crowded airport. Does anyone know a better way to do this than to just spawn in and sit there without requesting pushback or anything? I would appreciate it if someone knows a better way if they could describe it below. Thanks for your help.


I believe there is no other way, unless if you want to control


Just spawn in and use the free camera to go around and watch the planes land :)


Ok that’s what I was thinking as well. Just wanted to know if anyone else had any other tips. Thank you.

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When i do that I spawn in and taxi to a good position where no planes are taxing to or parking and use free cam

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I believe that has been changed with the Global Update

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Yeah I just went to check it out sorry about that I will delete I was mistaken

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I also enjoy doing this sometimes! What I mostly do is choose a GA aircraft and go to a GA parking spot so I don’t disturb anyone as I go to free camera and judge everyone’s landings and takeoffs.

how do you go to free camera?

To go to the free camera click on this icon

Then go to the option that says Free.

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Gee…I hope nobody sees my landings ❎❎❎

Ohhhh ok how did I not realize that

The only way and only is only if you control from ATC tower you can plane spot all you want, most populated airports are currently KLAX and EEGL. Have fun cheers! :D

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