Plane Spotting in 1974

I Just found this video of people plane spotting in Cleveland in 1974. I though it was super cool to see some of today’s airports many years ago! Enjoy and if yo find any other videos from any other airports, post them here!


Increible how loud planes used to be 40 years ago.


Wow! Great footage. Especially that fast rocket takeoff and climb out from the DC8. I love seeing what airlines and airports were like back then.
@Maxmustang you should check this out!


nice find, to me a boeing 707 looks like a 757.

Gotta love those flamethrowers! (JT8D)
Nice to see the 732

So cool to see the retro liveries, planes, and airlines you don’t see today.

Cool vid! I like to see the 707,727,737-200 and the dc10,planes that you don’t see that often today.

I thought that people would like this.

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I do! 👌😎 it’s really cool

That’s incredible man!

Good old days with just mcdonnell douglas and Boeing aircraft. (The occasional L1011 aircraft wasn’t bad either.) The only European jet you would see was a Concorde. Good days, none of this advanced technology and cramming everyone into one plane. Cause fuel was so cheap, aircraft had no winglets. Though I don’t say no to an MD-11 or 747-400 style winglet.

Only remaining survivors of this era are the MD-11, DC-10, and 747-400. Cause even the 737 is getting too advanced.

What’s wrong with advanced tech?

The engine sounds, advanced, I miss the loud engines that set off car alarms, even though I wasn’t around for the golden 70’s-80’s of flying.

I love loud engines (GE90 <3), but i hate it when they set off car alarms

car alarms are so friggin annoying


What about when they shatter windows.


Wow that’s cool, love those old turbojets.

I agree, I like loud engine sounds (that’s what the GE90’s for), but I don’t like the feel of flying a plane with hundreds of analog dials.

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I will say that I too agree with you both. @GaplessHiding and @AndrewRG10

I found this too. Hope you all enjoy!


AA 707!! Talk about a retro livery😁

All pre-ETOPS