Plane spotting @GCLP

Hello IFC, Today im going to be spotting at GCLP (Gran Canaria) in about 3 hours from this post meaning 2022-08-30T12:00:00Z

Im on my way from madrid! Hope to see you there!

You will be included in the video at my channel AviationNation

The spotting will be conducted for 30 minutes

Please reply so i know your coming!


Reply if u comin

Hey everyone, spotting starts in 5 minutes!

Were done spotting well, nobody joined :/ cya guys

Hello, Iā€™d recommend making the topic earlier so people can have some warning, you can create a fly in/out event for your planespotting if you wish

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Yeah ill see but i mean 3h is alot anyways bye

Creating a fly in/out event gives people time to organise a flight and plan a time that works for h them, for instance, someone might have been busy for 3 hours before this event started but if they had know earlier they could have started a 4 hour flight while they had time, just a suggestion to get more people to your events.

Yes mate but if you didnt realize creating a event would be useless since its aLready in the schedule and all i wanted was people to know theyre. Boeng spotted

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