Plane spotting - from my house

:P Terrible weather in NYC! KJFK bound aircraft going over my neighborhood for the 13L/R Canarsie Approach! Will upload photos soon if I can :)

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Time to do it in IF… My favourite one by far

I love simulating a 13L approach in IF…very challenging yet exiting!

Nevermind, they are in fact only using 13L 😁

A little insight ;) The pin is my house


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Curious question…When they are doing a 22L and 22R approach, can you see the planes from your house then or not?

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I only see those from my school :)

I got the chart… Spot me somewhere ;)

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When they do 22L or 22R they fly right over my school.

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Yes please do. Nothing like some good photos of JFK traffic on approach!

Man, I need to snap some pics from my school. Bombardier flies Q400s on their test flights near by. We’re also on the flight path to Toronto Pearson YYZ so you can see the heavies come in for landing around the evening. Nothing like going to class and seeing an Emirates A380 fly over you.

Lol, sorry I can’t. There are literally 70-80mph winds here!!! All flights cancelled


I can usually see inbound flights for 13s. I’m in NJ =p but the weather is crazy outside, had a power outage for a couple minutes

My grill fell off my balcony lol😂

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Idk where my trash cans are haha

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