Plane spotting equipment on a budget?

is there anyway i can start out plane spotting but on a low budget? what equipment does everyone recommend etc

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There’s a topic about it below for a 200$ budget

Someone much more knowledge than me can help out here with what specific one to choose.


Also what do you mean by “low budget” its quite vague statement. What’s your budget $500? $750?

under £400

400 pounds can get you a starter DSLR and a decent telephoto. I’d pair a D3400 with a AF-P 70-300 DX or a T6 with a 55-250 IS STM. I’m not sure what prices look like in Europe but here they both cost the equivalent of around 385 pounds.


thank you for the suggestion!

My brain: sayyyy whaaaaa…?


Everyone says that but just plug them into Google, they’ll come up.

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imagine saying this to a person who does not know what your talking about

I used a Canon SX60 HS which is ~400$
But it’s great as it has great quality up close and dies contrail spotting too!
(260x zoom)

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