Plane Spotting Edmonton (CYEG/YEG)

Hey there, yesterday I went plane spotting at my local airport CYEG. I had a good time, I saw two Air Canada 737 Max a couple west jet dash 8 and more.

Here are some Pictures I took and edited here:

Canadian North 737 departing to CYYJ

Air Canada 737 Max arriving from CYVR

Air North 737 just taxiing to an Apron

Canadian Airforce Jet parked in an apron

Plane spotting video:

Premieres at 2021-08-30T15:00:00Z


Nice Pics fellow Canadian! @shayaanahmed247 from a Northern Neighbour just above you. LMAO šŸ˜œšŸ˜

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Great shots! However they are very overedited in my opinion. Great shots nonetheless.


Some of them yeh, but Thank you

Thank you

Must be super cold up in the north ey

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I saw these on your Instagram

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Iā€™m in CYLK east of Yellowknife. Summer is over as the leaves are changing colours already šŸ‚

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Nice shots!


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