Plane Spotting Edmonton (CYEG/YEG) 8th September 2021

Hey there everyone, yesterday (as of 8th September) I went plane spotting and saw some awesome planes here. Planes including FedEx A300, KLM A333 etc. So here are some of my so called “Over Edited Photos” For you to enjoy.


Very nice the pictures. Unfortunately, post count 16 times do best your pickup the pictures list some remove enough 10 pictures limits. Please fixed this edit, thank you for understanding.

Follow in rules #real-world-aviation:spotting to continue the read, please.

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Oh sorry, I will fix it

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No problem. 👍🏽

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Nice photos. Love the Summit Air from Yellowknife NT 😉👍

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Those are super beautiful pictures!!😍 Thx for sharing!

Sorry about that. It was just a little feedback. 😅

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it’s okay, I was just joking lol

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