Plane Spotting @ DFW Part 2

Hey folks

I recently went spotting at DFW airport. Most of these pictures were taken at Founders Plaza, which is an official spotting location at DFW

Hope y’all enjoy these pics

Various other angles and unedited pictures available on request… DM if you want these… please don’t use these without credit also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, @dfwplanespotting777 as most of my best spotting pictures go there

Happy Landings


I knew that before I even read it. Lol. Was there last month. Nice photos!

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Omg these photos are really good … nice shot 👍
I’m going spotting tomorrow but I’m afraid of policemen see me because it’s forbidden stop near the airport 😂


Love the American 787!! Looks amazing!

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Lucky seeing that AirCal livery!

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One pic didn’t upload…
Very nice pics! I imagine that DEW is a great place to spot. So much variety.

Once again…no frontier aircraft. But amazing shots dude!

I love 'em! Specially that British 744 and that Lufthansa A343. I also like that one with an American 738 landing while the Emirates 777 is taxiing.


Glad you like them… The Emirates 777 is lined up on runway 18 L

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