Plane spotting day in Geneva comment ur favorite aircraft


Hello there @Constantin1 .
These are some pretty nice shots ! Unfortunately they are not in the right category. It would be better if you put them in the RWA or spotting section .

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Moved it over for him


Nice to hear about another Geneva spotting topic ❤️. How old are the photos? I can see there’s still a Ukraine international

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Ok thank you are you also based in Geneva

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Pretty old cus I wanted to share these with u

But I will go plane spotting in Geneva soon

Cool shots! 🤩
I’m wondering what’s the type of aircraft on the second pic? A Learjet, am I right?

No no not at all I am based in France 😉

You’re from here? I’m pretty close too

No a Cessna citation latitude I think

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I’m in geneva

Hmm, they don’t have T-tail tho

Just googled its serial number, likely it’s clear there. That’s Legacy 600! 😅

My favourite aircraft is probably the TAP E175

It’s nice to find another person from Geneva here!

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