Plane spotting camera

Hi. I am currently looking at upgrading my Camera gear for spotting now in Amsterdam and soon further away in places like London and New York. I want a camera with good quality(ofc) and i want a good zoom to get shots from planes further away
My eye fell at the Canon EOS 2000D with 18-55 and 75-300MM lens. My question is, does anyone have this combo and can u recommend it or do you even recommend a different camera?
I dont know if its in the right tag. It it isnt, please say so and I’l change it :)

Hey! The 2000D is a solid camera. I still hold that the 75-300 Canon tries to sell you as a bundle deal with their cameras is a borderline scam. I’m Nikon so I haven’t used one but from people who have all I hear is that’s very soft at the longer end and returns ridiculous fringing. For the same price you could get an AF-S 55-250 IS STM, which is better in almost every way.

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Okay thank you, i’ll have a look at the camera. Most of my friends have Canon so thats why my eye fell on the 75-300 but i’l check the 55-250 one!

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Joke aside at this price range don’t make the body the focus. Get yourself a 10yo second hand camera if necessary but try and get a lens that’s amazing regarded so by people that go out and shoot.

And if you’re looking for an adorable steal, nikon makes a 330 bucks 70-300 that is absolutely mint, go in a photography store if you can and try some toys there to find out how they compare.


Okay, and do you recommend a specific Nikon Camera?

The body doesn’t matter much since they all work and can take pictures.

In new you have two routes right now with nikon : DSLR - Mirrorless

The latter is more expensive in general for a similar quality at the end when compared to the same price range.

But for beginners right now you have the D3XXX (mine is a D3400 and the latest is the D3500). You will find them in kits with the 18-55 and splendid 70-300.

If your budget allows the nikon Z50 can be found in kit with the 16-50 and 50-250, both amazing.

These are the easy ways in and I guess you’re starting photography so I won’t get into the prime lens praise but be aware you’ll receive good advices in specialised stores. They’re few but people there usually love their work and introducing people into that financial mess passion.

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Canon EOS600D / 600mm

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Canon EOS600D / 300mm


Forgot about the suggestion, here are my toys

D3400 X AF-P 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 VR

Absolutely perfect for spotting, of course you can go more expensive but why bother. I mean look at this thing

Z Fc 28mm f/2.8 (my 7artisans 7.5 fisheye on it tho)

Rarely use it for spotting but it’s absurdly good

jpg straight from the box, didn’t bother editing lol

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You See the difference? Maybe not but the ISO quality at the 300mm is worster and if you Zoom your quality is not that good. But it depends which airport youre at.

Not to be mean but any spotter here can see the differences are mainly due to the user, not the gear

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speaking of that, I have a D40 from 2006, that’s still taking some great shots

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Exactly, they work when you push the shutter.

The rest is for your own satisfaction


Thanks so much! The D3500 seems a good option!

Very nice shots mate!

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Thanks soo much!

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You mean me?

I think its to everyone!

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Yes could be :)

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I used an EOS 550D paired with the 55-250 IS STM lens for about a year before upgrading my kit, and it was honestly an absolutely fantastic lens. It was really sharp, the autofocus is incredibly quick and quiet.

It also doesn’t hurt to buy second hand gear provided it’s in good condition. A camera with a low shutter count is always good: I picked up my 550D in December 2020 for £190 with the 18-55mm kit lens which had under 5,000 shutter count. Then bought a 55-250?mm for £160, so not a bad amount altogether as a bundle.

Yeah, that’s pretty spot on. It’s ok as a cheap starter lens, but there are much better options out there. Some of the models don’t come with IS even 😐

Going Canon Vs Nikon, there are benefits to both, but try going with something that you are comfortable using. I personally don’t get on with the ergonomics of Nikon cameras, but they are still exceptional pieces of equipment. If there’s a store near you where you can get hands on and try them out, that might be a good idea.