Plane spotting at WADD

Hey guys, how are you ? Here’s my spoting pictures that i took yesterday in Jerman’s Beach 🏖 runway 09 was in use

I use Canon 77d and Tamron 70-300mm

All pictures are edited on LightRoom Mobile

I hope you like it !! Thank you so much 😁

Batik Air | A320 | PK-LUT

Cathay Pacific | B777-300 | B-HNK

Hongkong Airlines | A330 | B-LNT

Air Asia Indonesia | A320 | PK-AZD

Cathay Dragon | A330 | B-HLA

Emirates | B777 | A6-EPQ

Citilink | A320 | PK-GLS

Lion Air | B737 | PK-LJT

Thai Airways | B777 | HS-TKQ

Eva Air | A330 | B-16332

Hongkong Airlines | A330 | B-LNT

Qatar Airways | B777 | A7-BEA

Garuda Indonesia | B777 | PK-GIF

Garuda Indonesia | B777 | PK-GIJ

Garuda Indonesia | A330 | PK-GHD


Hmm. I thought EvaAur Sanrio was B-16333. Nice find though.

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Beautiful shots @Jonathan_limento!

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Garuda owns Citilink right?

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Wow! I love the Hong Kong Airlines A330-300 ;)


Yes, that’s right. Citilink is Garuda’s low cost subsidiary to compete with other low cost airlines in here.

As always, awesome and stunning shots. Looking forward for more in the future 😉

Ajarin gw spotting kapan kapan dunk


Great pictures, @Jonathan_limento! Really
Like how many 777s there are! 🤯

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EVA Airways have several aircraft with Sanrio characters


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