Plane spotting at T1 in KLAX

I had a flight from Los Angeles to Baltimore on July 31, 2018 (the last day for SWA peanuts) I got there to capture some pictures on my phone of some inbound aircraft on 24R at KLAX


Looks at last pic.

Starts crying😭😭


Hey great pictures.
Just remember only 10 pictures allowed in spotting threads.

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Oh! My apologies! I forgot😂! I’ll take some out!

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Leave the Delta. #Deltaforlife 😂😂


Oh! You got the good ones, wish we could get A380s departing and landing in the day here in Melbourne

Note: we get the A380s in the day, but it’s too early in the day, and extremely late at night :( who would plane spot at 4:30 in the morning?


Haha. I would. If it was a A380. You see my local airport is KBWI so the biggest commercial aircraft we get is a BA 789. It’s so special if you get to see it. At LAX, it’s nothing😂

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Nice pics man
KLAX is excellent for spotting

I’d steal like 20 of those peanuts if they were available to all cause I love peanuts.But when I look at them …thinks of SWA … Thinks of PAX abuse

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Yes. I was actually thinking about it. I played a “roll the dice” game and won so I walked away with 10 more peanuts and a $25 Southwest gift card. Got to LUV Southwest

Nice pics! A330 Hawaiian livery is very good!

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Thanks! Next time I need to bring my camera lol

That Max 9 is looking On Point!!! Nice pics, and RIP SWA peanuts.

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