Plane Spotting at Sydney Airport

So about 45 minutes ago I went to a viewing point next to Sydney Airport. I have been going there since I was around three years old.

Sorry for the bad quality photos. It is a 4s camera.

Jetstar A320 (Landed)

BA 777-300 (Taking Off)

This Qantas 737-800 just took off. Just after lift off, I could see the plane struggling to climb. It seemed to me that it was starting to loose speed while trying to climb (It was a very noticeable loss of speed). Although it was quite a steep climb, the pilots managed to regain control of the aircraft. It was very sudden.

This UPS MD-11 just landed

Thanks guys. I wasn’t there for long.


Cool pics ! Maybe take a shot of a plane rotating or a plane just landing …

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Thanks Cap! It was quite difficult as the planes were quite far down the runway when taking off and landing, so it would have been really bad quality and pixelated. I tried to. I am planning to buy a camera just for plane spotting.

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Luckily you didn’t see an accident.

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we went around the same time lol. did you go around 4:00ish because ive got the same planes in my post!

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I went around 5ish.

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well thats around the time I went!

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Good to know that I was in the presence of another IF user!

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Yep, it sure is good to know that! :)

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Nice to see people spot there as well!


I just made an account

I remember that