Plane spotting at Philadelphia airport

Lucky you huh?

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Sometimes. I tend to take it for granted most of the time, but it’s still super trippy when a plane’s shadow passes exactly over our apartment and everything goes dark for a tenth of a second.

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Very nice pictures!;D

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Great photos! This is a great airport to spot at. Not a ton of variety, but still some great planes.

Yeah I wish it had more wide body international aircraft

Broncos Country, Let’s Ride!!

Cough**cough worst team in nfl

That’s not true! The Bears and the Texans are worse. Oh and the Colts

I live near the airport and can see the planes everyday which is pretty cool but those 787s get less interesting after a couple years. I miss when the 767 and a330s especially mixed with the 787 which used to happen for a little bit.


I never got to spot a British airways 747 at PHL witch is a huge missed opportunity 😢

The days where you would see American a330, 767s, 757s, ba 747s, lufthansa 747s and aer lingus 757s were really the peak days of PHL

They were a beauty.

Definitely agree. Hopefully lh returns service and maybe some new international route will happen in the coming years.

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Lufthansa will be back in the spring I think. In the meantime Eurowings Discover is flying here with Finnair A350s so that’s kinda cool. And yea I’m hoping for some new routes too

Most likely not this year. Im happy to see a a330 again at phl but also sad no a340s or 747s this year. Maybe next one or in the winter time.

Remember when this was the Eagles plane?


Get much noise?

Fortunately no! Everyone’s usually still at 1500ft when they fly over. The local GA haunts make more noise than anything.

I asked because it was not always like that. Those early 707’s and DC-8’s were loud. Seriously loud.


Those were originally passenger planes, so I can assure you that they are genuine sounds of airports back in the 60’s. The very reason why we have noise restrictions nowadays.