Plane spotting at Philadelphia airport

Yesterday I went spotting at Philadelphia int airport and it was very exciting!

I took the pictures with a Lumix DMC-FZ300 it’s a pretty good camera I got for Christmas

Well let’s get to the photos!

The eagles private jet,GO EAGLES

Qatar airways a350-900 A7-AMJ

Air Canada charter, I assume it’s for a sports team

American Airlines 787-8 N811AB from Rome

Delta airlines 737-800 from Atlanta

New York giants private jet!

Another private jet

And another…

Spirit airlines A320NEO with the eye mask

American Airlines 787-8 N807AA from Madrid

Alaska airlines 737-900 from Seattle

And my favorite British airways 777-300 from London G-STBF

Thank you for watching. If you didn’t know this is my first spotting topic so let me know if I did something wrong. BYE


One of the most underrated airports for spotting. Nice pictures


Is it? I feel like PHL gets as much credit as it deserves lol

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Not when you compare it to other airports in the area such as JFK, EWR, IAD, LGA

No one talks about LGA spotting though. For the other ones they get talked about more than PHL because they’re much better.

I agree they’re all better besides Lga. Underrated probably wasn’t the right word to use

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Very nice shots! But GO Giants

When I go to LGA this winter expect some spotting topics

Sure about that?


Shhhhhh we dont talk about it. Atleast we made the playoffs


I’m sorry that you guys lost to the Eagles. But at least we have the 5th seed and are gonna play the Bucs! Y’all are gonna play the 9ers

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Yeah and we’re actually playing the vikings on Sunday

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Go Bills

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didnt we smoke the bills 31 to 13 last time?

That was when we were mid, now we’re better

Liked it better when it was a US Airways hub 🙂

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Me too. US Airways was a huge part of my childhood

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Go Chiefs

I live right underneath the RW27X approach across the river in Jersey. I get planes flying over at 1500ft every five minutes almost all day. It’s pretty neat sometimes