Plane Spotting At My Local Airport

hi. So I went plane spotting last week. Here are some pics :D

Airport: KSTS
Camera: iPhone XR

*all images have been upscaled using AI technology because iPhone cameras are bad lol

First, we have an Alaska Airlines 737-800 with the Toy Story livery on it.

Bombardier Challenger 350 taking off to somewhere

Cirrus VisionJet, very noice one

American Airlines E175 taking off to DFW

Thanks for viewing :D


Nice to see some STS pictures. I fly up there sometimes

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Nice pictures!

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Thanks!! It’s a very nice airport :D

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Thanks!! :D

Isnt that the biggest airport in the world, supprassing Saba? πŸ”₯😳

Cool pics btw :)

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Nice pictures!

Reminds me of those Goole Earth 3D aircraft when you zoom up on them.


You are so right lmao

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