Plane Spotting at MSP (again)

Hi there,
I got a new camera so I decided to go plane spotting at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport, hope you enjoy the pictures!
I just got the camera so I am still learning, so don’t expect professional quality stuff. :)


Delta 757 rolling down 12R with the Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Delta 767-300 from Phoenix landing on 12R.

Delta MD-90 slowing down on 12R.

I really like this one, CRJ-200 about to land on 12R with the Minneapolis skyline in the background.

Delta MD90 going to land on 12R with a CRJ-900 in the background going to land on 12L.

Delta Pencil (757-300) going somewhere warm.

Delta 757-200 without winglets taxing to 17.

Delta A330-200 headed to Paris.

Delta 767 from London Heathrow.

Sun Country

There are also some Transavia planes here because Sun Country and Transavia have some sort of agreement so they use each others planes.

Sun Country 737-800 passing a Delta 757-200.

Picture of T2 with lots of Sun Country planes.

Transavia Sun Country 737-800 landing on 12R.

Sun Country 737-800 landing on 12R.

Southwest and Spirit

Southwest 737-800 with Split Scimitars landing on 12R.

Spirit Banana Bus landing on 12R.

American Airlines special livery

American Airlines Reno Air 737-800 landing on 12R with the tire smoke!

Slightly dark picture of the American Airlines Reno Air 737-800.

Wheels Up

Wheels Up King Air 350 from Chicago Midway about to land on 12R.

Wheels Up King Air 350 slowing down on 12R.


Icelandair 757-200 with scimitars touching down on 12R.

Icelandair 757 taxing to T2.

Icelandair 757 parked at T2 gate H6.

Other cool planes

Marvin Lumber and Cedar Company 1900D holding short of 12R with “a few” Delta planes in the background.

Boutique Air PC-12 turning off of 12R.

Bombardier Challenger landing on 12R.

Royal Air Force C17 and a Lifetime Fitness Dassault Falcon 900 at Signature Flight Support.

Thanks for looking at these, if you want to use any of them please ask me.
I used a Nikon D5600 for all of these.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Nice! Which lens did you use?

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Nice pics there! I don’t spot but I do photos and I will say, amazing job!

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I used a Tamron 16-300mm, it’s not as sharp as some but I don’t have the money to buy a better one right now.

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It’s a good lens! Nice choice!

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Holey moley those are incredible pics! I love the Sun Country one with the blurred background! How gorgeous! Keep it up!

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