Plane Spotting At London Heathrow [EGLL]

I decided to go spotting as it was a wonderful day today! I have over 500 videos and pics, i picked 5 random ones i love and i want your opinion! please do enjoy!

Here is a Virgin Atlantic A35K arriving from Orlando!

Here is an Emirates A380 arriving from…well i think you know where from (Dubai) :)

Here is China Eastern Airlines in their special CIIE Livery!

Here is the British Airways A35K landing from LA :))

(If you cant tell yet, I love the A350 family! not just the -1000)

And last but definitely not least, Qantas 9, Dreamliner that diverted to frankfurt instead of Perth after a sadly upsetting story in the plane

Thats it for now! i hope you enjoyed it!!


Cool shots, what camera do you use?

What does this mean?

iPhone 12, i meant that Last night that plane was supposed to do LHR-PERTH, instead it diverted to EDDF as a tragedy happened, so earlier today, it returned back to LHR from EDDF to reset the flight.

And Thank you !!

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Great shots! I might fly into LHR one day! There’s an A380 flight from my airport.

i wish i had a good camera, great shots though!

I may be missing something but what was this tragedy

a woman (mother of a few daughters) died mid flight while crossing the channel

My intuition is saying Qantas B789 is pretty amazing

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It’s seems it was the other way round. It was flying from Perth to London and diverted to Frankfurt then continued to London the same day according to Flightradar24. But that is some really sad news.


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