Plane Spotting at LAX!

Plane Spotting at LAX

Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹

Here are some photos I got at LAX recently. I hope you enjoy!

1. SAS A330

2. Norwegian 787

3. JAL 787

4. Air France A380

More Information

Device: iPhone X

Spotting Location: In-N-Out Burger at LAX

Fun Fact: The Norwegian 787 Is my iPhone Background!

Thanks for Stopping By! Which Photo Is Your Favorite?

  • SAS A330
  • Norwegian 787
  • JAL 787
  • Air France A380

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Pretty good shots for a phone. I thought I was a camera

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Wow, you went on a good day because recently it’s been either cloudy or raining.

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@CaptainBarney This was around a week ago where I was quite lucky with the weather, this was on the one good day out of the 10 bad ones surrounding it!

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Now I know how good the iPhone X (and newer) cameras are, nothing like the Samsung’s, which I use for spotting sometimes. Nice catches there, and great photos too.

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