Plane spotting at lax

Here is when I went to LAX for plane spotting
May 19th from 5:30PM to 6:30PM

Please tell me if I did anything wrong

Because there is I think a format but I don’t know it


good stuff

Really Cool!

very good video

OOOOoh I used to remember this song. Interesting catches there mate. 👍

Amazing video! Can’t wait to see more 😊

That China Eastern landing though…
so butteryyyyyyy

Great video, im going to heading down to LAX from SFO on a short 1 hour flight in august.

Wow great maybe I can record the plane landing for you

Really great video. What’s that song called?

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The first or second

If it’s the first this is it


It brings back memories

Great video! Love seeing my home town airport, I can smell the In & Out 😬 Were you using a phone or dslr?

Slight off topic question - feel free to PM me, but how was the traffic around the airport? I know they were doing construction on the loop. Dropped off the wifey last Thursday and it took us an hour to get from the 105 to terminal 5 😩

Anyways, keep up the great work!!

I’m from the LA area and this looks like a great spot! Is this that fenced off road up in that neighborhood? If so i might have to check it out soon.

Just guessing, but it looks like it’s just off Manchester parkway

It’s definitely off of Westchester parkway…

Just don’t know how far down lol… i see the tower. assuming half way

Wow those bring back loads of memories
Happens to be my personal fav is BAs boarding music

Really enjoyed watching 👊🏻🔥

Thanks y’all for the support