Plane Spotting at KSFO

Hello IFC community! I recently went planespotting at KSFO and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures I got.

Fiji Airways A330-200

United Airlines 737 Max 9 with mismatched nosecone

United Airlines 737-900ER and United Airlines CRJ-200

Luftansa 747-830 Retro Livery

Avianca A320-251N

United Airlines 777-224ER

Delta Airlines A321-271N

ANA 787-9

Im relatively new to photography so feel free to point out any things that I should change.


Welcome to the community! Amazing shots here

Not sure if this photo is supposed to be here or not


Hmmm, really nice a320.


Seems incredibly human-like 🤔

Do A320s reincarnate as spotters after they’re scrapped? 😳




Great photos and welcome to the Community!

Wow, those pics are realy nice!

Nice photos! I like the two United aircraft (CRJ and 737-800), on approach next two eachother, but also the Delta A321neo. We get quite a few of those here at MSP, including a unique route that was on the 757 during the summer months, from MSP-ANC and back.

Welcome to the community @Juiice! You’ve got some great photos here. I really love that United 777 off of I’m guessing 1R with the Salesforce tower and the other buildings in the background, very cool. The mismatched United 737 Max is pretty funny looking, I’m more used to seeing the slightly discolored Southwest nosecones

nice photos!! welcome to the community

Wow nice photos! I like your sweater btw

Sorry! That was by accident

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