Plane spotting at KSFO

Hey everyone, I went to KSFO to do some plane spotting. This is kinda my first time actually plane spotting in IF, but hope you all enjoy the photos.

Delta ERJ 170 departing 28L with registration N818MD

A Cessna Citation X about to touchdown on RWY 28R

A Cargolux 747-8F lining up on RWY 28L dor departure with United 787 holding short

A Southwest 737 departing 28L

An American Airlines 737-800 retracting its gear shortly after takeoff

An Emirates 777-300er just about to touch down RWY 28R after passing overhead

United 787 about to takeoff

An Air Canada A319 with the registration C-GTIR parked at a gate

A United 739 with the registration N37409 parked at a gate with the Emirates 777 behind it

Again, hope you enjoyed the photos.

Which was your favourite?

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Was not busy at KSFO, but might do another one at a busier airport.


Love it! Great use of the different angles and the different liveries! 👏

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